• Parties for kids
• Young Farmers Clubs
• Youth club events
• Private parties
• Corporate parties
• Office parties.
• Special needs and disabled groups especially welcomed.


In our dedicated party areas our staff will serve guests with great party food and unlimited squash.

• Just £9.50 per child
• + £4.00 per supervising adult
(Minimum 1 adult per 5 children)

• Party Invites
• Entry into the Playbarn
• Party Bags
• Helium Mickey balloons
• Goodie Bag for the birthday child
• Cup of tea for supervising adults
• We can supply a personalised BIRTHDAY CAKE for just £8.75 extra

We offer a choice of hot or cold locally-produced party food

Hot Menu Cold Menu
• 2 sausages or Burger w/chips
• Pizza Toast w/chips
• Chicken Nuggets w/chips
• Filled Jacket Potato w/salad
• Assorted sandwiches
• Sausage rolls
• Nibbles

• an Ice Lolly or Ice Cream w/sauce & sprinkles
• unlimited squash!

• Print out a booking form MM 2012 Party 2


25 responses to “Parties!!

  1. Hi there, yes there is a minimum of 10. Any more info you can call the playbarn on 01588 673800 🙂

  2. Hi, I am 15 and would like a private birthday party, i am hoping to have over 10 guests all around the age of 15. Please could you give me more info. Thanks. Louise

    • Hi Louise.
      You need 10 children & 2 supervising adults(over 18) for a party during opening hours. To hire the playbarn privately for 2 hrs is £225 & again you need adults with you. 🙂

      • Adele Chambers

        Is that £225 plus the cost of per child and supervising adultor is that all included in the £225?

      • £225 is for 2 hrs private hire, out of normal hrs, that includes 2 staff, one manning slides and 1 on refreshments counter.
        If you require food e.t.c then that would be additional. Otherwise, normal party prices are for normal opening hrs and are shown on the party page. 🙂

  3. Adele Chambers

    is there a maximum number of children and do you do discount for a certain number of children?

    • Hi Adele.
      We have done birthday parties in the party room for 35, if more than that we would use both party rooms or reserve tables. If you are a group booking or an official party there are different deals available, if you ring the barn & ask for Jenny I can explain the different options available.

  4. Sara

    Admission in term times during the week is cheaper than coming weekends or holidays. I see parties are 9.25 per child…is there a discounted rate if we chose say Friday in term time straight from school?

    • Hi Sara.

      The party price is now £9.50 per child and £4 per supervising adult( minimum of 10 children & 2 adults).
      You will see this is for unlimited play, unlimited squash, free drink per adult, invites,food,pud,party bags e.t.c.
      If you visit the play barn on a Friday in Term Time between 10a.m -7p.m, entry is £3.25 per person or for a pre booked group of 15+ £2.75 head. Both of these deals are for entry only.

      Regards Jenny

  5. Mike

    Hi, is there an age restriction on the facilities? Would a few 18-22 year olds be allowed?

    • Hi Mike.
      Sorry for the delay in responding. We allow family groups during normal opening hours, so as long as you came with some children it’s fine.
      If it is all adults you would be better to do private hire for 2 hours, you pay £225 for your private use.
      regards Jenny

  6. Zoe

    Hey, are any age allowed in the play barn? im 18 and i got friends who are all over 18 and i was wondering about having a private party? could i have more info please?

    • Hi.
      We do private hire parties, including Young Farmers groups e.t.c.
      The cost is £225 for 2 hours play. If you require food it would be an additional cost and the £25 deposit is payable when you book your party

      • Zoe

        Would be allowed to just turn up though? Like, not do a party and just pay to go in or do we have to have a child or something? We’d just like to be able to turn up like on a normal day. Thanks.

      • Sorry, but we don’t allow adult groups in during normal hours ONLY family groups.

  7. Nathan

    Do the Adults get food too?

  8. Can I have a join party as my daughters b’days are 3 days apart?

  9. Nomi Fisher

    i was just wondering how much it would cost for an adults party and the minimum number of people to come to have a private party.

    • Hi.
      We usually hire out the barn for 2 hours private hire for £225 for adult groups, that includes a staff member on dropslide and one to sell soft drinks, crisps & sweets.
      There is no minimum number but a maximum of approx 80. If you require a buffet or hot food there is the additional cost.
      Regards Jenny

  10. Celia Mackenzie

    What times can we hire for a private children’s party ?

  11. Emily

    I am looking to have my birthday party at mickey millers on the 12th/9 I am only inviting 2 people and don’t want a private party so do you need to book in advance or can you just turn up and pay at the door?

    • Hi Emily.
      You just turn up, as long as we have children and an adult to supervise. If you want us to put a party cloth on your table just tell us when you book in and if you want to bring a birthday cake that’s fine – again just tell staff as you book in and if you need candles e.t.c. We look forward to seeing you and ” Happy ? Birthday” in advance 🙂

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