Summers on its way and we will be open From Friday 18th of JULY til Monday 1st of SEPTEMBER EVERY DAY 10a.m til 6p.m πŸ™‚




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3 responses to “SUMMER HOLIDAY

  1. stacey Williams

    It’s a shame you are not open week sooner, as with the holidays having already begun it would be useful. My kids are desperate to come on Tuesdays.

  2. Joe Fortescue

    I promised my son he could go to a play barn as we were on holiday in your area.your police to charge adults is scandalous you can’t tell a 4 year at that point no we are not going in because we are being least Dick Turpin wore a mask. I’m 60 do I want to go down the slide NO. Could I climb up to the top NO. So why I’m I being charged to use the equipment ??? As for your food prices obscene no other words could describe it better Β£6.90 for nugget and chips frozen junk from Iceland . DO NOT USE THIS PLACE THEY ARE THERE TO FLEECE YOU

    • Thank you for your comment Joe. Our policy to charge everyone the same price is to encourage “Family Play” and actively get supervising adults to play with their children. We could just charge Β£9 per child and adults free which would still be the same price. We are a business, we have staff, rent and overheads just like any other small family company and at no point do we force people through the door that is their choice at the entry door where the prices are displayed on 2 doors also on our leaflets and web page. Our price has remained the same since 2011.
      I don’t think Iceland would appreciate that comment and just to clarify we shop locally.
      But thank you for your feed back, just sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit but hopefully your 4 year old did.

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